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retouching studios in Toronto?

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  • retouching studios in Toronto?

    my name is Lukas and I have been retouching and using photoshop for the better part of a decade. Currently I live in Vancouver and wish to re-locate to Toronto and hopefully get on with a good retouching studio. If you know of any retouching houses I'd very much appreciate if you would list them here, as I've exhausted google search.

    thanks, all the best.

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    Re: retouching studios in Toronto?

    You didn't hear it from me but....
    You could give these guys a shot
    Word of advice Lukas, not sure if you've just been looking for retouch studios but Toronto is Canada's hub for advertising companies. Allot of them hire internal retouchers, you might want to look into it...your photography skills might help you find an in as well.
    Anyways, hope you have more luck than me...Japan is definitely more difficult than Toronto.


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      Re: retouching studios in Toronto?

      same as DSutherland, you didn't here this from me, check out Transcontinental, Quenet, and I work for PiMedia. It is retail retouching and you have to deal with a lot of old school workers that have no clue as the what retouching is (but they are retouching) it is crap work but steady work until you find your dream job.


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        Re: retouching studios in Toronto?

        awesome, thanks guys,
        good to hear from you Darren, all the best in Japan!


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          Re: retouching studios in Toronto?

          No problem Lukas, good luck with's really the place to be in Canada if you want to be a retoucher. I'm actually leaving Japan and returning to Vancouver in November but Dale said that the old studio is pretty slow these days so it looks like I'll be searching for a different employer when I return.


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            Re: retouching studios in Toronto?

            it is indeed very slow.
            Iv'e taken to work part time, giving me two extra days to do my own thing.
            Come pay us a visit when your back.


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              Re: retouching studios in Toronto?

              Slow? The economy is finally moving again, especially in Canada! I am rushed off my feet at the moment! work in from Canada, LA, London and Berlin! The signs are good.


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