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  • What rights?

    I'm not sure this the place to post this question but here goes.

    My partner and I have set up a online business, selling stock photography from New Zealand, at the moment, our useage agreements say they are royalty free photos. We have seen the error of our ways, and want to change them to rights protected....

    Does anyone know of somewhere online we can read about how to make a usage agreement, a check list of things to consider maybe, or does anyone have experience with this, and can offer advice.


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    Welcome to retouch pro KiwiLynne,

    I am unsure whether you can change the rights on cds that you have already sold - but you may be able to change the rights on future pulications and images.

    Have you looked at other photo libraries and there 'rights' sections - you might find some help there.

    Also try the major photographic groups - I don't know what your's are in New Zeland / Australia but they are places like - The British institute of professional photographers (BIPP) - The Master photographers assosiation (MPA) - etc. These places might be able to shed some light on your situation.

    Good luck


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      Thank you Clare, we have read so many usage agreements, we are totally confused there is soooo much legal guff, it's hard to wade thru.

      There seems to be such a vaste differance between agreements, we have just uploaded a new agreement, and we will see how that goes, I guess..... we haven't sold any cd's yet, they have only been on sale for a week.....

      The photographic societies and even stock photography banks seem to vary just as much, all seem to agree that you should sell your photos for as much as possible.... I agree to an extent (would love to sell my photos for 1000's of $$$), but then again, don't want to price ourselves out of the market.

      If anyone else knows of any resource, I'll look at it, otherwise I guess it's just a case of trail and error.



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