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    I am looking for retoucher work in London and was wondering if someone
    could give me word of advice.
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    Re: London Calling

    Hi, in South Africa theres a site called biz community.

    and I found a few retouching jobs here is the direct link

    Good luck with the job hunting!


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      Re: London Calling

      you must be happy with what you have to be happy with to share...I know the ads



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        Re: London Calling

        Some really nice work in there
        Which technique do you prefer for your skin?


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          Re: London Calling

          Thanks Solvent! For my skin I use lot of spa and carrot juice

          In beauty retouching I tend to give a good cleanup to the skin before applying any filters. It's all about small steps and some different techniques that work great are stamp tool on lighten, darken or color mode with small opacity brush, healing tool and noise filters to bring back the texture plus surface blur with separate layer texture on top. I try to keep it realistic and 3-dimensional by adding shadows and highlights on separate layers and trying to not overdo things. Hope it makes sense.


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            Re: London Calling

            Thanks though, those are some helpful tidbits to muck around with. I generally just use the stamp and healing tools and then airbrush over on another layer. I'm really going to start experimenting with different techniques.


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              Re: London Calling

              You are in London, what would be better than that, if I would have been there I would have targeted the local fashion photographer first, call them, meet them, offer them a test, prove your skills. Though I'm thousands of miles away from London but most of my clients are some amazing photographers of London.

              I saw your port, as my personal comment, you have some good work but I was not very impressed by your port, you need to go further to next level, we have lots and lots of people doing medium level stuff in our industry but people doing high end stuff are very few, and they have huge demand in market. If I was in your place I would have made my port better at the moment. See work of other high-end retouchers, see what they do to image that make the image look wonderful, study their before/after samples. A retoucher should never ever blur the skin, I read it in your post about surface blur, my advice is to never do it, use dodging and burning, try Natalia's DVD, that DVD changed my life, changed the way I used to retouch. Find some nice shots for your port and I would say to improve your port at the moment then hit the clients.

              Good luck!


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                Re: London Calling

                Hi Pari, thanks for your post and advice, although I don't quite agree
                with you about not using blur at all. I've worked with some high end retouchers
                and they do use a bit of blur on skin, the trick is to separate the low and high frequencies and getting the right radius and opacity for the blur which may be difficult. I'd say whatever works for you is good trying and if you can make Photoshop work for you and save your time while still getting good results, why not do it. I will check Natalia's DVD. Take care!


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                  Re: London Calling

                  Ohh I thought you are talking about applying blur directly on the skin, oh yes I use split frequency with blur as well.


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                    Re: London Calling

                    Pari- very nice work, I especially liked the hair on the blond!


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                      Re: London Calling

                      Originally posted by twopoint0 View Post
                      Pari- very nice work, I especially liked the hair on the blond!
                      Thanks, I'm glad you liked it


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