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Is it hard to get a job doing photo retouching?

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  • Is it hard to get a job doing photo retouching?

    Hey everyone. Before you guys can say that it's hard to get any job in this economy, let me point out that I'm in Canada where it's not as bad as in the US.

    My computer graphics course is coming to an end, and one of the jobs that I could be qualified to do is photo retouching/restoration. Would any of you guys know if this is a hard job to find? I asked one of my teachers and she she wasn't sure, but she thinks it might be hard. Would anyone here know anything more about it?

    I've Googled this job activity in my area, and I found 2 electronic/camera stores that have a photo retouching/restoration service. Do you guys these jobs would require other tasks that don't require further education outside my comp. graphics course, and that they could be something they could train me with on the job?

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    Re: Is it hard to get a job doing photo retouching

    To be honest I would say passion is the key requirement, and you don't sound passionate about retouching. If you are serious about retouching, start small, contact photographers and the like and see if you can assist them, then move on to learn important aspects from journeymen, and only then to your own business.

    *edit* I forgot, welcome to the forums!


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      Re: Is it hard to get a job doing photo retouching

      Very well said Mike even today I goggled a lot for jobs in canada in retouching houses but I didnt find anyone who is hiring retoucher
      Maybe I should keep hunting for jobs more


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        Re: Is it hard to get a job doing photo retouching

        I work in Toronto and it is pretty hard to get a job, not many places hire unless you know them. Try the prepress shops and the Printing Companies


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          Re: Is it hard to get a job doing photo retouching

          You could always work freelance, as I've not got much time on my hands I recently out sourced to a retoucher to edit my photographs for me which cost around £30 a image. Just an idea.


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            Re: Is it hard to get a job doing photo retouching

            If I were you I would try to find an internship with a retouching house or photographer, where ever you can find one, but that will give you valuable experience and work for your portfolio. One computer graphics course isn't going to necessarily get you a paying job, let alone a good paying job. If you intern you'll gain the skills you need to get higher level jobs, you'll build your portfolio and you'll make connections that are crucial to breaking into this industry. Without connections you won't get anywhere as most everyone who makes a career of this gets the majority of their clients/jobs from referrals.


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