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    I'm interested in getting some enlargement envelopes to put client's finished work in. I'm not talking about those ugly manila style envelopes with the cardboard inset, but something nice looking, that's made out of a light cardstock. I'm going to eventually be doing portraits on my own and I want something I can use for that as well.

    Right now I use the materials at work, which are the regular enlargement envelopes, not the nice ones. We use a nicer folder-style ones for our portrait enlargements, but I'll get busted if I start using those. I'd like to get some that are different looking anyway so I can further seperate myself from the lab I work at. I would also like to have them printed with the name of my business so (hopefully) customers can contact me directly in the future.

    Anyone have any ideas? Ideally, I'd like to find a place online with lot of samples to choose from. I've checked B&H and Adorama and they don't seem to carry this kind of thing. Loon Photographic has some but I'm not too crazy about the styles. Any leads would be appreciated.

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    First of all, thank you for your input on getting my business started. I really appreciate any advice I can get - and your response was so quick...thank you!

    Regarding your may have already checked this place out but, if offers supplies wholesale. Hope that's is what you were looking for.



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      So sorry....I know the correct spelling is fingers aren't working this evening!


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        That was a good start but they don't have what I'm looking for. Actually, I think we order from them at work for our regular packaging. I'm trying to find something nicer. Thanks anyway.



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          Here are some links I found:

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