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  • startup software?

    brand new here today. I'm currently to under experianced to even worry about finding work in this field. I do have a passion for photography that I've
    recently aquired. Really started enjoying photoshop elements 6 that my
    daughter has.
    I'm very interested in pursing the photo restoration and retouch field.
    I would greatly appreciate any guidence on what would be the best software
    to get started with (photoshop cs3?cs4? etc.). I've found some good on line coarses for most all of adobe's related software at a local community collage.
    Just have no idea on what software to get. I'm don't know where I may go with all of this in the future.

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    Re: startup software?

    Hi geilf: Welcome to RP, this is a very cool site. I can't tell you what program you should use to start with. There are lots of programs out there, and I guess it depends on personal taste.
    But I'd say that Photoshop is almost a standard and what most people use, including me.
    My advice is: if you are going to get Photoshop, go for the latest version which is CS5, it contains new features that makes it easier to use.



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      Re: startup software?

      Thanks for the reply does look like a good site.


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        Re: startup software?

        Photoshop CS5 would be your first choice; work your way down from there as budget dictates.


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          Re: startup software?

          I guess an online course wouldn't qualify him for the student discount edition?


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            Re: startup software?


            Also, as many know there are decent free layers-based Photoshop-compatible image editors such as [Windows-only], GIMP, etc.


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              Re: startup software?

              Thanks all for the input. I think photoshop cs5 is the way to go. not cheap but looks like alot of good lessons out there for this.


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