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  • A Step Beyond Restoring

    Here is a business idea that clients might like. After restoring an old photo, do something special with it. I have done a few of these for different people, after showing them a sample and letting them know that such a thing was possible...most folks never thought of it so would not ask for it.

    This is the first one I made, which gave me the idea. It's a picture of my parents a few years after they were married. My mom had an old newspaper clipping of a poem stuck in the frame of a portrait of her and my dad, who passed away many years ago. I secretly copied it and made up this gift for her for Mother's Day, in an 8x10 frame, using a snapshot from her old family album. She said it was the best gift she ever received. And, some of her friends who saw it asked for similar items, so I think this might be popular with lots of folks, once they know you can do it.

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    How sentimental

    This is really nice, what a wonderful gift, seems everybody has something like that, something that is so special, a great idea.


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      Phyllis, such a wonderful treasure for your mother! The poem is perfect for so many people, and your composite is beautiful. A great suggestion!


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        What a lovely idea and a very beautiful rendition.


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          I can understand why your mother said that was the best gift she ever received. Beautiful job on something that will be cherished forever.



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            Glad you like it. To see another example, this one on friendship, see the second post here:



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              That is just beautiful. I can see why your mother liked it so much.