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  • Contracts, proofing, & file deliver

    When dealing with a client that is off site and sometimes on the other side of the country, how do people in the professional world deal with contracts, sending proofs back and forth, and the final file delivery.

    Do you have a contract every time you work with a client and what is a must to include?

    I've already setup a ftp folder on my server.

    What jpeg size and quality do you send for a proof? You want something big enough that they can see the work but not so big that they can actually use it. I've already had an issue with someone using a proof that I've sent before it was finalized.

    Then what type of file do you delivery for the final image?

    Its always the business questions that get me stumped? Any other suggestions when working with people completely off site would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for any help... David

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    Re: Contracts, proofing, & file deliver

    I come from a background in color prepress, and I always felt that we were in a sense, selling the hard proof- because that represented the image as it would print. More and more, hard copy proofs aren't even mentioned, which is really good news for remote retouchers.
    If you're worried about sending not-final images, 72dpi files at around 8x10 will look good on screen, but are too small for print. If the image is for the web, you can build a watermark with your logo, and overprint the "proofs" that you send.
    I don't know who you are selling to, but if it's a reputable company, or a photographer with a reputation to uphold, I don't ask for a contract. Granted, the first time you do work for someone, you hold your breath until the check, or Paypal, arrives.
    Final delivery is the high res FLATTENED file- I never send layered files.
    The only other thing I would suggest is to stress to your customers that you are working as a team together with them to deliver the best image possible. If you communicate, and they get the idea that you're on their side, everything should go a little smoother.


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      Re: Contracts, proofing, & file deliver

      True about hard copy proofs being phased out. It's a shame too, I tend to catch mistakes and weird color casts better after seeing the actual printed proof, and I think that taking that part of the process out, it invites more instances of error to pop up.

      And yeah, flat high res files are the way to go. If they ask for a layered file and won't budge, give them a highly simplified layered file (background, element 1, element 2, etc) with any of your adjustment layers applied to the layers so that it's A.)simple for them and hard to mess up, and B.)So your workflow is still YOUR workflow.


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