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Need advice for giving a quote to client

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  • Need advice for giving a quote to client

    Hi guys and gals,

    I hope some of you in the northern hemisphere are finding some time to get away from your computers and into the rays of that glowing white orb in the sky (it's called the sun). Being from Canada, I know how short summers can be so I don't find myself on this forum very much between June and October, but that said, I need some help giving a quote to a client and hope that someone can help:

    There is a busy wedding studio in my city that do lovely work and are finding themselves very busy, wishing to employ me to take over the post production end of things. Most of the images in their portfolio are obviously (yet very tastefully) Photoshopped, and we both agree that my 'style' meshes well with theirs. I would be working on hundreds of images, not all requiring a full treatment, but a least a good going-over in Lightroom.

    How much would you charge and based on volume of images or time-to-edit? This is an old question with many different potential answers I'm sure, but as I'm new to the business side of retouching, I'd like to know a pricing structure to use.


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    Re: Need advice for giving a quote to client

    I would just quote them my hourly freelance rate.


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