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  • Update...

    Well been here in Canada for almost two years..... Having owned a well established retouching house in London UK.... It was a big move.

    It is going well here... Currently have another cover out there Elle Canada.

    A few weeks ago, I wondered if I could get some more work out of the big London based agencies.... As the budgets are higher in the UK than Canada.

    I put on my old promotion hat from London LOL!

    Within 2 weeks, big campaigns from Ford, VW, Grazia, Woody's, Boots and a few other smaller accounts! So really pleased! Best thing is the budgets. 3 times more than I get here! In fact, I am having to turn work away.

    Honestly guys, there really is a lot of work out there in the big wide world. I don't mean the crappy $25 an hour shit either! If you have a really good folio, and I mean good, $1000 - $3000 a week is easily possible.

    There are some time consuming extras you have to offer them, but that puts you way above most of the smudgers out there! And once they ar ein place, that is it!

    Think hard, and be adventurous!


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    Re: Update...

    Good to hear! I did some Ford and VW stuff back in my Detroit days, but I have to say, I don't miss it too terribly compared to the current fashion/beauty work.

    What are some examples of the time consuming extras? Actual physical proofs, perhaps?


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      Re: Update...

      I have worked on cars since the early 80's. Being a bit of a petrol head helps. Much prefer working on cars than people.

      I do offer certified proofing as a service, but to be honest that don't really help when they are on the other side of the Atlantic!


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        Re: Update...

        You prefer retouching cars over people? We should swap cities.
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          Re: Update...

          this thread is from 2007. things have changed in the last few years (Don't cha think)?


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            Re: Update...

            We were having the exact same conversation on my thread.
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              Re: Update...

              I edit what ever I can, if it's to much beyond my skills I'll refer sites that might be able to help and a few that are far better than myself......I'll never get rich at it but it's helps ends meet. (cars are my favorite chopping block lol)


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                Re: Update...

                Wake up! I started this thread on July 20th! 2 years?
                No, nothing has changed in the last 2 years.... Bit more work around at the

                I just love cars, always have, always will.



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                  Re: Update...

                  Join Date: Jul 2007. oops I'm awake.......... just misread mybad!


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                    Re: Update...

                    lol spoke too soon!!


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