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  • Retoucher Job Market

    I was laid off of work and having a hard time fining a job. I was thinking about trying to fnd work as a retoucher. What would be the best way in doing so? I'm a portrait photographer and do my own retouching but can use some additional training. Would I stand a better chance if I went to an Adobe Certified class or does the training matter if the retouched photos look the same as if I was self taught? What do companies look for in a retoucher? My area doesn't have any companies that I can think of but if I could find something that I can do from home that would be great! I have a new IMac, Photoshop CS5 Extended, Lightroom 3, Nik Software Plugins,Aperture, Wacom Intous 4 Tablet and a 2TB External Hard Drive. Just curios if this is something even worth trying to get into. I plan on traveling back and forth to Miami for photo shoots too.

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    Re: Retoucher Job Market

    my buddy just got laid off and he's a decent retoucher himself so i think the market might be adjusting to the sluggish economy, what was your previous line of work?


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      Re: Retoucher Job Market

      Ditch the Imac... If you are doing serious color work. It won't hack it!

      Stick with what you know, contact other portrait photographers and offer your services.

      It is a big difference between that and the advertising world. Do what you know.
      Forget all the adobe certified classes.... If you want to do serious retouching, find a serious retoucher with a good folio to help/train you.



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        Re: Retoucher Job Market

        I worked at an accounting firm and was also laid off of 3 others jobs here in the Space Coast. Companies keep closing on me .


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          Re: Retoucher Job Market

          Sorry I thought your post said you were a photographer.



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            Re: Retoucher Job Market

            I am a photographer. I do free lance but it's pretty dead where I live. that's why I travel to shoots. Also on Face Book under Crystal Lea Photography


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              Re: Retoucher Job Market

              Sorry I am confused... Then you said you worked at an accounting company....

              Right... I just looked at your site.


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                Re: Retoucher Job Market

                The newer iMacs are fine for retouching, we use several of them where I work for freelancer stations. Of course we also proof everything on paper before it goes to the client...


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