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Avoiding Burnout

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  • Avoiding Burnout

    What are some suggestions as to how to avoid burnout doing this type of work? Anything can become more of a "drag" than an enjoyment , so how to prevent that becomes importiant. What are some warning signs to watch for and what do you suggest doing if you notice them? Tom

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    I would think the number one avoidance would be not to take on more work than you can "chew". So far I don't have to worry about that and I am really OK with that. At this point, I can't imagine burning out on it.


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      I think Debbie hit it right on the nose. Don't take in too much. One thing that might help is if you are taking on other types of work, like those we talked about, you could switch from one type to another as long as you don't have deadlines to meet.



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        Well, from my personal experience, I've been doing a considerable amount of restorations as of late. Both for friends and from here (The wedding photo even got me having nightmares, go fig).
        I had a few co-workers who walked by my desk (yes, I do a good portion of all this at work ) and they started asking if I would mind my making a background for their computers with family photos, or to help just "modify" photos to be included in their various greeting cards and such. (since I consider this all practice, I decided that it wasn't a "chargable" item)
        Amazingly enough, I found it rather relaxing and decided that, perhaps for close friends and for sanity's sake, I'd go ahead and do this as an additional form of "therapy" to help prevent burnout.



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          Thanks Rick, You are off to a good start!! Gaining experience as you are doing is a smart way of establishing yourself! I wonder though, after a year or two, does the "shine" begin to dull alittle and what might help "polish it up" again? What would you consider "Danger Signs" that perhaps a mild case of "burnout" might be developing? Tom


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            Well, I didn't realize I was burning out until I did a few simple backgrounds for some co-workers.
            As I was working on it, I wasn't as focused (or as some people would say) as anal on getting things "just right."

            These were merely people who supplied me scans and I could arrange them in however way I wanted to. (all I asked was for favorite colors or sayings)

            When working on something that requires details, I actually do is look deep into a picture and try to find little details and figure out how to not to obliterate them or to enhance them if I think it's necessary.
            "Brothers and sister" was a good example of how, since it was just a "portrait" studio, i took liberties with the backdrop, yet took extra care on the areas on the children themselves.

            But I guess I could also be considered a freak.



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              Does varying the type of work seem like a good way of fighting burn out, by that I mean having a diversified range of services you are able to offer customers thus not doing the same thing all day or would that make it too hectic? Tom


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                Well, Tom....

                From what I've been able to tell, yes. Just like different jobs produce different forms of stress, I think that if you change your "stress levels" it might work out. While having different things to do in your work might help alleviate it, there is something to say about having to do something for the sheer joy of it without the pressure of a schedule or, for the lack of a better phrase, "To stop and smell the roses."

                For example:

                I have to deal with people whining all the time about their PC's not working great. So I have to get them up and running all the time. doing this day in and day out can be a bit much.

                But there are times when I do nothing except take care of different issues that don't really need for me to be in any particular hurry. THAT can lead to an amount of boredom, which can be a different sort of stress.

                another way to look at it:

                I can spend 10-16 hrs a day at a pc at either work at home.

                The stress of using the PC at home are definitely different then using it at work.

                Also, working on websites has different stresses then working in photoshop (which I consider fun).

                a step further. restoring photos produces different stresses then simply making simplistic backgrounds for friends and family.

                It seems like I'm simply babbling, but I guess it's the only way I can coherently put my thoughts in this, I guess.



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                  I worked at a job I thought would be a dream come true. I was an electronic tech for a small company owned by a young guy in his late 20s. It became 2 years in the worst hell I have ever worked and the owner turned out to be child in a mans body. What should have been a relaxed atmosphere of people working toward a goal became an unbelievable nightmare. I finally hit my limit and quit. That's when I started this business and I can't ever imagine burning out after surviving 2 years of thatl.


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                    I'm thinking as with any type of job or project one needs to have some variety to spice up their life..LOL.

                    After returning from my "VERY SHORT" vacation, I learned of something called scrapbooking. Now I know everyone is probably saying this has been around for ages, but those of us in the middle of nowhere had not heard of it.

                    So needless to say I have taken on this little endeavor as a side project to drag me away from the computer and I have found that it does help. I'm still working with photographs and adding creativity to it and also found a way to make some nice christmas gifts to boot.

                    12-14 hours a day at the computer was going to ruin my eyes sooner or later so had to get something away from the computer that would hold my interest and think this just might be it.

                    Just throwing in my 5 cents worth here.


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                      <picks up a penny>

                      he overpaid, so I'm picking up what would be left after I threw mine there.

                      There is a thread you will come across on bookscrapping you might find interesting then.

                      Maybe you can contribute to that since I don't know of anyone here that actually does it.


                      <tucks away penny>


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                        LOL...thanks a bunch Rick.

                        But I'm a she and I also noticed there's another Chris in here so may have to change back to my full's Christie in case anyone doesn't recognize me...LOL.


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                          Oh dear,

                          Guess I can't change my name as I haven't figured out how to do it. If anyone knows please tell me or I"ll just keep Chris W. and hope all will be well.


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                            Actually there are 3 of you but Chris W is fine. I don't have trouble with it so I doubt anyone else does. Besides Chris H has a different symbol than you and Chris Flood uses a full last name but hasn't posted too much lately.
                            Last edited by DJ Dubovsky; 08-29-2001, 09:02 AM.


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                              Scrapbooking is very big now down here.Some of the magazines on it have given me some great ideas for web design graphics. Check out the website for this scrapbook idea magazine. It's I would love to make one but I can't go out in anymore directions. I still have some vacation photos that I scanned on fabric that are calling out to be made into a quilted wallhanging.
                              Have to shut down-bad T-storms coming in.
                              Love the boot!


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