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    How do you folks get along with the "competition"? Seems like Restoration is rapidly becoming popular and lots of folks are now trying their hand at it. Do you have any communication with others IN YOUR AREA who are doing the same work? How do you Get along? Do you refer work back and forth? Tom

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    I don't have any competition. But I think it is usually good for a business owner to have a good relationship with competitors. I know of at least three businesses (not restoration artists) who have been in a bind, and got bailed out by their competitors. In most cases, I think if you have primarily the same business practices (ethics, moral issues, and customer satisfaction standards), it is very easy to have a good relationship with a competitor, and it usually proves beneficial to both parties.



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      Would any of you have reservations about "hob-nobbing" with others in your area who do the same type of work as you? Would you refer clients if you knew so-and so could do a particular job better than you because of more experience or better equipment? Tom


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        Since I get my customers off the internet virtually everyone here is my 'competitor'.

        So now you know how I treat 'the competition'
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