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  • Progress report/ new services

    Hello again all, I wanted to check back in and let you all know that my new business has really taken off , and with only word of mouth advertising I have been really keeping busy.
    However, I have been thinking , after several requests from my customers, about offering a video dubbing/editing service. perhaps compiling photo albums on DVD or formatting old home movies on DVD. Is anyone doing this kind of thing already? If so, how's business? How should I charge for such a service? I am really excited about offering a new service that my customers are clamoring for.
    Just looking for some guidance from the Pros.

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    Judging from the silence, I suppose no one has opted to offer video transfer or editing to their list of services.
    As I feel pretty confident in doing this I suppose I will forge ahead in the spring. I'll keep you informed on my progress.


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      I don't do it personally but one of our members (who no longer visits the site regularly) is married to a videographer. I saw his studio and work and there's alot more involved than just putting film on video. His equipment alone is around $10,000 and he actually puts together a very professional production. He does video, movie and photo transfers on to DVD, or VHS and he also films weddings and more. I know his services can run $1500 and up but well worth it when when seeing the final product. It was a thought I had too at one time but after seeing that, I know it's beyond my expertise so I just recommend his business when I get those caller inquiries.

      You might consider contacting a videographer locally and work our a deal with him by offering your restoration abilities and in turn you send business his way. It will give you a start into what's involved in that business. He will need to see your work and you should see his as well so you know you're recommending a professional quality business to your customers. Hope that helps you out.


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