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    Just because you dont work with Photoshop or have years of experience does NOT mean that you dont have something to share. All of us at this site have a passion--Photo restoration and everyone from the least experienced to the long time pro is interested in what you have to say and wants, make that, NEEDS to hear from you. Dont be shy. NO ONE gets "FLAMMED" here. Neither Doug, the Moderators or the other users will permit it., (unlike some other sites where the conversation begins to more resemble a verbal type of Roman Gladatorial spectacle than any meaningful exchange of ideas) You will NOT look foolish despite anything you contribute.I have and probably shall to continue to occasionally drop a "bomb" of a suggestion or get info wrong--no one has turned me into steak or hamburger yet!!) " Many times discovering how NOT to do something is more valuable than simply knowing how to do it right as that helps you and all of us. All these image editing programs have a basic similarity and the info gained from one can be extrapolated to others. So come on, post your ideas and comments and tips. If we dont communicate and help each other we wont learn much and for me the joy is in the learning, and the really neat people here. Tom

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    Excellent post and sooooo true.