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    I need to create a new website. Would any of you kind people be able to recommend a service or a template-style website creation service? Any that would have mouse-over or roll-over features? Price is a factor.

    Many thanks,


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    Re: New Website

    I looked everywhere for a fast template with rollovers or jquery slides for before/after and came up with nothing. You either have to build the website you want or compromise. I went with a company called big black bag. I had my website up in two days using a template. They have a zoom feature so people can see your work up-close-and-personal. Without it the images are small. I built a slideshow for the home page with my before/after one one slide (before always to the left.) It works for me for now. The templates are free, but they do have limitations. They will host your site as low as $8.99 per month. Hope this helps.


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      Re: New Website

      Take a look at this build your own site - you can free trial it....


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        Re: New Website

        Hi Ken,

        I've made my site using It's very easy to use.




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