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Thank you soooooo much you guys, you are the best

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  • Thank you soooooo much you guys, you are the best


    Thank you for all your info, I really apreciate that you are taking part of your precious time to share your thinking and suggestions.

    I will be trying to do everything here believe me!!

    I think I will be part of this forum for a loooooong time.

    thank you
    thank you!!

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    Hey Don,

    Glad you're finding the forums informative. You're right -- we have a lot of great people here, willing to share what they know. I'm sure you'll be right in there amongst them very soon.



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      Welcome to Retouch heaven Don

      No better way to get aquainted than by rolling your sleeves up and getting stuck into one of the many challenges (gotta be a years worth in there alone )


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        Yep! I have found it. And you are lookign at it. This place is great! Thank you wonnderful folks who run it and participate and making you and your knowleds available to new lovers of this art such as myself. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

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        Just feeling very appreciative of this site. I can't really help people out as much as others but Im sure one day I can.

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        I wanted to thank all those people who have worked on my projects.
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        Hi everybody!!

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