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    So, I would love to have a career working with Photoshop. I'm pretty good at restoration, not so much retouching. My question is; when I go to careerbuilders to search for jobs what do I search for? I know, dumb right? But I really don't know. I also wonder how to make a resume make me look like more than a hobbyist when I'm really just a hobbyist. An obsessive compulsive hobbyist who's been at it for years. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: Dumb Question...

    I kind of doubt a site like careerbuilders is the best choice for a fulltime Photoshop career. Companies that advertise on there would be seeking someone that has Photoshop as part of a broad set of skills each required for only a short portion of the week, much like typing or Excel.

    Build a portfolio and hit the local ad agencies, photographers, etc.
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      Re: Dumb Question...

      Hi Doug. Thank you for the advice. I think you're probably right. So you bring to mind a question; how would I build a portfolio? Would I start with some old family photos and just restore them and then show the before and after? How big should a portfolio be? And should it be digital as well as print so that it can be emailed with a resume? Ok 3 questions.


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        Re: Dumb Question...

        I'd suggest 10-15 of your best before/afters printed as good as you can and at least 8x10 in a nice portfolio case (available at larger art stores). A good website you can point people to is always a good thing, but if you try to compete online you'll probably lose out. Stick with in-person interviews. Those are your future customers. If they're willing to shop online then they're willing to price-shop you against 3rd-world labor, and you can't win that battle.
        Learn by teaching
        Take responsibility for learning


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