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Comparing work environments in New York City

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    Re: Comparing work environments in New York City

    Originally posted by MOSERFERNANDES View Post
    Hey guys - sorry to bust in on your thread - I am thinking of re-locating and wondered if you know or are willing to tell me what a Top Rate per hour is in NY? Thanks for your time in advance and if you work too hard life aint worth it. you can most probably earn the same working for yourself... ? I do... Cheers.
    I hear ya... I've decided to stay freelance. It's just not worth 50-60 hour weeks for the price of 40. F that noise. That said, a top rate for a high-end retoucher in NYC could top out around $150 an hour... but that is very rare. You would need to have a reputation and some hype to get clients willing to pay that. The range in rates vary greatly and sometimes it makes no sense. In my experience, the ranges have been sort of like this, depending on your skill level: Junior- $25-$40, Mid Level: $40-$60, Senior: $60 - up. It also depends who the client is (big corporation, individual photographer, retouching studio) Often, there is a lot of delicate negotiation needed to get what you want. They always seems to try to talk you into a lower rate blaming it on the poor economy, which isn't all that bad anymore. In NYC, the best BS artist wins, but it helps if you actually have artistic talent and a portfolio to prove it.


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