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    I have been working as a retoucher for over 15 years in magazine publishing. I feel there is no future in my current line of work at the moment. I am keen to learn new applications and broaden my field of expertise. I am looking at moving into the advertising world. Has anyone got any tips of how I could get a job in this field or another that has a bright future?


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    Re: Retoucher

    There seems to be no shortage of great retouching studios in London, if it were me, I would try to get a position at one of these studios. All of the more established ones will be handling some degree of advertising retouching work since no one can sustain a business on editorial work alone. A lot of advertising imagery is created in CGI environments these days, but from my experience, these images still have to be pulled together and married with traditional photography by a skilled retoucher.


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      Re: Retoucher

      Thanks for your reply. I would be interested in learning CGI too. Sounds like I need to get networking


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