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Question for studio retouchers

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  • eraanexact
    Re: Question for studio retouchers

    I've always worked at small boutique studios, certainly started out as a grunt, but that's not the case anymore. I have a few clients who prefer to work with me for the duration of the job, and they're great, but the majority of them are by and large more "safe" shooters, not a ton of experimenting, unfortunately.

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  • RobertGarcia
    Re: Question for studio retouchers

    If your in a studio you might be junior doing the grunt work then the senior does the color and takes it to the finish. Usually retouchers that work for just one photographer don't do that in a studio but instead are private client and those retouchers handle the gig from start to finish. But that is just my limited experience and I am sure others will chime in. I personally think that everyone should be working on all levels like back in the old days or certain studios but that is just what I think. It feels as though you are being held down with that set up I outlined earlier and it's b.s.

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  • eraanexact
    started a topic Question for studio retouchers

    Question for studio retouchers

    Have you guys ever worked as the sole retoucher for just one photographer (not one of the dinosaurs, but someone who is well represented, published in Vogue regularly)? And if so, how does it compare to a studio environment (multiple client roster,mix of ad and editorial jobs)? Do you burn out retouching the same photographers stuff day in and day out?

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