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    So I've been messing around with creating an interactive pdf portfolio in InDesign to send off in emails. Although there is a way to make rollovers work, I am becoming frustrated that not all pdf readers can handle it. I'm tired of things not working in the pdf version when viewed in Preview by a client. Soo... how are you guys showing before and afters in your pdf's (if you're using email portfolios)? I was considering scrapping the rollovers and just placing the before and afters side by side.

    ps: I do have a website, but I don't have permission to show some really great before and afters online for the public to see.

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    Re: pdf portfolio

    I'm watching this thread with interest. LF, if you come across good info elsewhere please deposit it here for the rest of us. Thanks.


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      Re: pdf portfolio

      I would like to know also ...


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        Re: pdf portfolio

        I decided to go with putting the before and after side by side in the pdf instead of as a rollover. I discovered if the interactive pdf is opened in Preview, the rollovers won't work, however hyperlinks do work. If opened in Acrobat, the rollovers will work, and not sure if the hyperlinks work. It also depends which version of Acrobat is used to open the pdf. I read somewhere that not all pdf readers are created equal, which is annoying to me because a pdf is supposed to be a document that can be read everywhere universally.

        So... I suggest if you want rollovers of before and afters, or anything interactive, make a website. If you need to make a pdf, don't bother with the rollovers. You just don't know what your client will use to view it with.


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