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  • ftp-Jeff
    Re: Duggal?

    I worked there back in the 80's. I was treated like a king. Brand new company car. Lovely house in New Jersey, all paid for, as well as a decent salary.

    But most of the employees there were treated like slaves.

    I was invited there, to show them how it should be done. Stayed a year, then returned to London.

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  • Benny Profane
    Re: Duggal?

    They've been around for a very long time. Used to send film to them when i was an assistant in 1975. B level work, and, they'll do just fine without happy employees, it seems.

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  • Little Fisher
    started a topic Duggal?


    Has anyone here ever worked for Duggal in NYC? I saw a crappy employee-review over on Glassdoor and was wondering if it's really so bad.

    Just curious.

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    Genix Imaging - London.
    by waffeliron
    Does anyone know much about these guys? (apart from the website). I have been offered some work experience there and was just wondering if anyone here knows anything about them/ delt with them?

    08-06-2008, 11:15 AM
  • rl-retouch
    London studios willing to take on paid assistants?
    by rl-retouch
    Hey Guys

    I have been freelancing for just under 2 years and I havent done too badly considering how basic my PS knowledge was before that. However, because I starting my retouching journey as a freelancer I know there are many aspects that Im just not tuned in to. I'm certain that working...
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  • ftp-Jeff
    by ftp-Jeff
    Well been here in Canada for almost two years..... Having owned a well established retouching house in London UK.... It was a big move.

    It is going well here... Currently have another cover out there Elle Canada.

    A few weeks ago, I wondered if I could get some more work...
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  • cisco
    Salary comparison
    by cisco
    Wondering if anyone else on the board works for a private photography studio? And if so, what sort of salary are they paid?

    My entry into Photoshop was through goofing off at lunch at a printing company- I'd just sit there and mess with it. In time, the messing about became more refined....
    10-20-2004, 08:14 AM
  • kathleen
    question for chris h
    by kathleen
    hey chris

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