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  • Need advice ( intern )

    Recently I got hired to be an intern at a photography studio. I was pretty excited to finally get my first chance to work there, even as an unpaid intern, so on the day of the interview i basically ended up being there almost all day moving boxes from the floor to the made up 2nd floor, up and down the was exhausting. I wouldn't have a big problem with this but i have spinal bufida and as a result from it i have 2 back surgeries, a bladder surgery, leg brace on one leg, i limp when i walk and i dont have much strength for me this was very challenging, today I spoke with my boss and let her know about my conditions and watnot, she seemed to know something was up but didnt really cared.

    Im starting to dislike her because she would tell me things and then after she is done is like, I dont want to repeat myself, is that understood? The thing is when i do other stuff that she has not mention how to do it and as soon as i have a question about it, she gets mad. I really dont know how to approach this lady. Keep in mind that this is something she didnt give me instructions on how to do. Today she tells me to make a logo for her other company she has and when i make about 4 to 6 designs she comes at me all mad telling me that i didnt listen to her. She mentions that its my fault for not asking her what she wants the look to be like. I'm like, um...yea...u didnt tell me in what direction to go. U just told me to make them using the company's name....shes like quit wasting time do it like i want it. I ask her which is how? and she gets mad.

    Finally today she takes some test photos for her photoshoot thats about to go down after i have left, but as she does the tests photos she tells me if theres a way to fix the corners as they seem to have an unwanted vignette. This was caused by the lighting being focused on the subject and background but for some reason the edges came out with a bit of grey from the white that wasnt hit by the light...i asked her do u have an extra light to point at the corner? and shes like 'are you telling me how to do my job?' im like no...she then tells me to just fix it in photoshop. I then told her a series of options that she can use and i show her how but before i can finish she interrupts me and is like oh yea yea but do that in an ok. i spend the next 30 mins trying to make a series of actions to be recorded that would work almost on any image she takes regardless of the image being under/over exposed. I finally accomplish it and i show her right before i leave and she is like 'thats not what i asked...' I calmly tell her that this solves the issue without any image worries about under/over exposure, just so as long as the original shot is not close to the corners. she then tells me you have to stay and fix this, and im like no, i have already told u from the beginning of the day that i had to leave at X time (which was in about 2 mins), not to mention that we already agreed on a begin/end schedule.

    what i want advice and have questions on is the following:
    1) what are the job duties of a photo studio intern?
    2) Is it a common thing the way she acts towards me? ( example if this is an
    industry thing )
    3) What are some tips with dealing with a real pain in the u know what boss?
    4) how can i make her understand that sometimes she isnt clear and that it
    is her fault for not giving me direction when she clearly wants me to go
    on one path?
    5) is it best to drop this internship and look for another one?

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    Re: Need advice ( intern )

    There's no rules to interning, but it sounds like you could find a more pleasant person to learn from and slave for. Stay with this until you find something better, but start looking now.


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      Re: Need advice ( intern )

      BTW, Schlepping boxes and eq are pretty standard fare in the photography field. You need to consider if you're up for this kind of work, and certainly be upfront about any reservations you might have with future employers.

      Now obviously, if there's a will there's a way, and if you're determined to make it as a photographer I'm sure you will. But have you considered retouching as an alternative endeavor?


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        Re: Need advice ( intern )

        You seem dedicated and hard working which is great! Maybe she's irritated by too many 'likes' & 'yeahs' you tend to use..


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          Re: Need advice ( intern )


          Oh, and, never work for free. I hate to repeat myself, but, really, what do you expect?

          This woman sounds like a horror. Run, don't walk. You have nothing to gain, except learning to go through life as a horror to other people.


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            Re: Need advice ( intern )

            thanks for all the feedback that ive received from you guys...ive been thinking about that since friday up to now and i think it is best to walk away.

            @flashtones yes thats why im there for to be a retoucher. Since i dont have acess to or own a camera i find it hard to retouch images that i want to do; like close ups of items around my house and watnot. I want to do retouching on people and commercial products. As far as moving the boxes and stuff around, yea that i kinda thought was the norm but i really didnt expect to do a days work of moving it around. It seemed to me like she didnt want to move them all this time and just left them there till I happened to cross her path.

            @sinisa thanks, but i really didnt give her many yeahs to anything. Idk what her problem is but i dont plan on going back to her on monday.

            @benny profane originally when i called up to see if she had a freelance job she seemed interested and watnot and asked me to come down for an interview, during the interview she then switched it to an internship...well i thought i was gonna do stuff like retouching and watnot, maybe a few logo designs and so forth ( since i studied gfx design ). But after 2 days i kinda figured that this isnt what its worth to be.

            anywho i appreciate all the feedback and im definately not planning on returning to work with or for her.


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              Re: Need advice ( intern )

              Might want to give her a heads up about that decision


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                Re: Need advice ( intern )

                @mike needham of course, Im not the type to all of sudden stop. I believe in words can fix things or settle things the majority of time. I will inform her that I have decided to terminate my internship with her because of xyz reasons. If she takes its wrong thats something I cant help her with.


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