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LA - Key Art vs. Retouching

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  • LA - Key Art vs. Retouching

    Hey everyone,

    I am a working freelance retoucher in LA. I have spent some time connecting with agencies here though A lot of them ask for Key Art and not retouching. I am wondering if anyone can elucidate the key differences between Key Art and Retouching. They seem quite similar just specific to one industry.

    It also seems that if you have not worked on Key Art that a still retouching background doesn't necessarily transfer.

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    Re: LA - Key Art vs. Retouching

    Interpret it as a lot of comp work and labeling of layers and groups on a tight turnaround. You'll probably come across the term "finishing" or "finisher" more often. Art director hands over whatever design concept was approved at low resolution along with whatever elements are available at the appropriate resolution. You clean up elements, add appropriate blending, ensure everything is labeled properly, and send it onward. It's just a lot of detailed stuff to do in a relatively short amount of time. The key art is just the final deliverable. Look at any entertainment poster and you can kind of figure out what went into it.