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  • Current consensus on retouching ethics

    Hi Retouch Pro community,

    I was wondering what the current take on issues of retouching and journalism were. I had felt like writing a bit on my blog about this issue of a photographer basically losing his entire practice because he removed details out of a photo.

    I firmly believe that if AP/Magnum/Reuters says you cannot retouch anything you should follow those guidelines.

    What happens if a client came to you with such a job, something that you knew was in this grey area of "off-limits" images.

    please talk about it, its a touchy subject because its fundamentally what we all do for a living. There's an aspect of it that requires an ethical guidebook.

    Thanks for any responses

      (AP Photo/Narciso Contreras) The Associated Press has officially cut ties with the Pulitzer winning photographer Narciso Contreras, and has removed all of his images from their service, after discovering he altered one of his images.…

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