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The "what are your rates?" Question

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  • nrotunda
    Re: The "what are your rates?" Question

    Thanks Nan! That was really helpful!

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  • Nanls
    Re: The "what are your rates?" Question

    I always provide my rate. If it is a new client, I ask to see the images and have them marked one up so I know how much time may go into the image. I also ask for a budget... they always have one. I include my rate and the budget in my agreement doc. Here is an excerpt from one:

    3. Budget: Retouching services to be charged at xx.xx per hour. Budget for this project is $2500.00. Designer will keep Client aware of progress throughout project as time spent on work to be performed.
    4. Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of the Client to edit selections or increase budget, if project goes out of scope of work or budget.

    You can always limit modifications to x amount of rounds.

    Hope this helps,

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  • Vernon
    Re: The "what are your rates?" Question

    This discussion on LinkedIn may help in assessing your overhead, your lifestyle costs, and ultimately a [realistic, relative] rate per hour. Or at least get you started.

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  • nrotunda
    started a topic The "what are your rates?" Question

    The "what are your rates?" Question

    Hi everyone! How do you respond where people ask your this question? Like a lot of people, I charge per project. I have an hourly wage in mind, I determine the amount of hours it will take me for a particular job, and you know the rest.

    The problem is that I get asked the question "what are your rates" before I understand the scope of the project. Should I just ask them what they need done. I'm afraid of scaring people away! Should I tell them how much I charge per hour? Sometimes I don't want to reveal my hourly rate incase I want to change it later on for a particularly demanding client, i.e. If I'm spending a lot of time answering emails or corresponding with them.


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    Hey ya'll.

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