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  • pi_posh
    Re: In-house Jobs--Miami

    A good attentiveness is also required for b.) good retouchers and b.) posting self ad posts

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  • Maximilianr
    Re: In-house Jobs--Miami

    Originally posted by Benny Profane View Post
    Seriously, I would suggest learning the Spanish language, if you haven't already. Would open up a big market to the south.
    agree ^


    who else hires in-house retouchers besides retouching houses?

    In Miami I would ask the artist and modeling agencies for work. At times modeling agencies wanted images from test shoots retouched if the photographer did a bit much or so.

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  • Benny Profane
    Re: In-house Jobs--Miami

    Seriously, I would suggest learning the Spanish language, if you haven't already. Would open up a big market to the south.

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  • AnnaR
    started a topic In-house Jobs--Miami

    In-house Jobs--Miami

    Hi Everyone! I've recently made the jump into retouching! I'm so happy that I've discovered my true passion. I've been freelancing here and there for the past few months, but not making enough to get by. I'm returning to Miami permanently, and I want to look for an in-house retouching job to a.) gain experience, b.) learn from collaboration and b.) provide stability. Perhaps freelancing is in my future, but I think it's too risky to take on now. My portfolio is strong I would say, and I'm confident in my abilities.

    I was disappointed to see that there are very few (if any) retouching houses in Miami. If you know of any please let me know.

    My question is, who else hires in-house retouchers besides retouching houses? Where should I be inquiring about open positions. I've heard lately that ad agencies are starting to hire in-house retouchers, but I spoke to a friend of mine that works for one and he said he didn't know this to be true. If it is true, this would be exciting since there are a ton in Miami.

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  • zganie
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    I am Really Curious HOW many People actually MAKE a FULLTIME living from

    I Personally think a SMALL percentage actually do
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