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  • Benny Profane

    cool. Thanks.

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  • Doug Nelson
    started a topic

    I stumbled across this while researching other things and it looks like it would be an ideal solution for clients to submit files.

    You need a dropbox account (which can be free), and a dbinbox account (which also can be free, but even the fancy version is cheap).

    But when you get it all hooked up you get a simple URL you can provide to anyone and they simply drag a file onto the webpage and it appears in a folder on your local computer and you get an email notification.

    The client doesn't have to register anywhere, and no one but you can see any files that get sent.

    You'd probably have to buy the $30/yr plan to be able to handle full resolution files. But that also lets you embed the uploader on your own website (or presumably within emails which would be very slick).

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    Zip File?
    by ekuna
    How can I put a few raw files into a Zip. -
    so I can e-mail them without using any
    additional software? I'm using Mac.
    Ctr + compress doesn't reduce the file size,
    so I need some other suggestions, please.

    Thank you.
    12-09-2010, 08:52 PM
  • lana
    Free good diagnostic utility
    by lana
    It's necessary sometimes to count such simple things as lines in the file(s), files sizes, the number of files in one or some programs. This free utility helps very good. Try!
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  • Cameraken
    Java Class Files ???
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    Hi Everyone.

    I have found some software/Filters that I wanted to try. It downloaded as a .tar.gz file and said it was a Java file.

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    Large File Transfer
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  • leuallen
    Setting up FTP
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