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  • Studio project management / workflow systems

    Hey Chaps

    So are there any recommendations for software and/or systems to work organised with multiple projects?

    I've been looking into reasonable priced project management software today but it's a mindfield. Really I'm looking for something more streamlined than flipping between email, calendars, spreadsheets etc.

    What do you all use?
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    Re: Studio project management / workflow systems

    You would probably have to define reasonably priced. A lot of that has trended toward service based models rather than upfront purchasing costs in recent years, and there aren't that many that specifically target photography or retouching. I would also try asking on creativecow, because there are a lot of people who run small to medium sized shops on there. Many are likely to have answers. I personally think it would be a nightmare to maintain, given the sheer number of external APIs you would have to deal with in writing it.


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      Re: Studio project management / workflow systems

      I'm certainly not looking to maintain it in terms of adding api's or coding it myself. I'm looking really at subscribing to cloud based crm's but i also know add-ons can be setup on gmail accounts which may suffice. Klev what system do you use to keep work organised?


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        Re: Studio project management / workflow systems

        No proprietary software, just google calendar, quickbooks, and a few other things. It isn't a very good system. Cloud based applications are what I meant by service based. Rather than licensing software to run locally, you pay for a service that may include storage on a remote server and things. By APIs I meant for a developer writing something like that, including the ability to interface with various other things to tie the application together adds significant development time.


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          Re: Studio project management / workflow systems

          First of all, you can try GlobalEdit ( done by the same company that runs Impact Digital NY.

          For a small shop you can go with Slack for communication, BaseCamp for project management, or Trello - it's simple and built around the agile "board" methodology which works great for a smaller team.

          One thing that does really work is ditching email alltogether for work-based messaging. Email is really a thing of the past, there are a few initiatives that try to get it supercharged, like the Google Inbox project but still, it wasn't designed for things we use it for today. That's where Slack or any other software of its type comes in. It's essentially IRC on steroids (albeit light ones).

          Atlassian is a weapon of choice if you do coding but it's more like developer-oriented and not a good fit for image-based services.


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