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  • Your first paying gig

    Describe your first paying gig (in the realm of interests relevant to How did you get it, how did it go, was the client happy, would you have done it differently if you knew what you know now?

    Mine was a photo restoration for a friend of a friend. I worked on it for 2 days but only charged $35 (in 1999) because I needed portfolio pieces. It was a classroom photo and had the date written on the border. I scanned, repaired and printed what I thought was a beautiful restoration.

    But the client called, upset. Where was the date? I'd cropped it out because it was part of the white border. "But how will I remember when this was taken?" I offered to redo it at no charge, but she said nevermind as she'd run it through her laser printer and printed on a date using Microsoft Word.

    So I ended up with mixed feelings about that. But I did learn to ask more questions before starting.
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    Re: Your first paying gig

    My first paying gig, oddly enough, was a single image for a major add campaign. It just happened that way.

    Oh, no, just remembered, it was some ridiculous background swapping for web catalog.


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      Re: Your first paying gig

      First image that I was paid for was a picture of a Dutch football (or soccer for the Yanks) player for an adidas book. Took 2 days. Looking at it now, it should've taken about 45 minutes.


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        Re: Your first paying gig

        When I was a server there, I edited some photos of employee uniforms for the Standard Hotel in NYC. They paid me in the form of a one night stay at the hotel which was worth more than I would have charged. Now I'm trying to figure out how to get the second job...


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          Re: Your first paying gig

          My first payed job working for myself was from my ex employer, which was a bit too easy.

          The first client I got after this was from the guy who built my website. He'd just started a long term contract marketing for a company selling baby carriers. I had to change colors to match pantone refs. They're still a client now, so I guess they liked my work.


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            Re: Your first paying gig

            My first paying gigs were not just photo manipulations but also using an ink transfer technique to put those photos into custom memorial urns that I had designed and supervised building. I offered a 100% guarantee, so even after the client approved the artwork I might still have to redo the physical ink transfer if they decided they wanted a change after that. I may offer this again but it will have to be far more sustainable. Yikes.


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              Re: Your first paying gig

              Anderson that's a cool idea.

              I feel like a "Your second and third paying gigs" section might be more helpful lol. It seem like to succeed in this industry you really have to believe in and be able to sell yourself.


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                Re: Your first paying gig

                This thread is really helpful for me. I was dismayed at how long my first one took, but now I see others saying their first job took two days. I don't feel so bad now.

                I am definitely here to stay. I do sell, but it's mostly my own photo manipulations. I am getting back into custom work.
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