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  • Retoucher Listings?

    Hi Everyone, Quick question. I listen to this podcast for creative freelancers called "Working Without Pants" If you like podcasts I would suggest it, anyway, the guy who does the podcast (Jake Jorgovan) did this episode where he basically outlined his entire freelancing career. It was very interesting. He is a web designer, and he specializes in creating Squarespace websites. He said his freelancing career changed drastically for the better when he got listed under Squarespace's list of recommended web designers.

    I thought this was very interesting and effective. I am trying to think of an equivalent to retouching, but I'm coming up short. I guess the key is that he specialized.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

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    Re: Retoucher Listings?

    You can try a listing in our Library (Site Nav link up top).
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