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Should you ever work for free?

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  • Should you ever work for free?

    I read and enjoyed this on one of my favorite blogs, even Tweeted the link. But then I got to thinking it won't ever be accurate as far as we're concerned unless we discuss it here.

    So: Should you ever work for free?
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    Re: Should you ever work for free?

    Depending on the person you work for, how well they feed you and the quality of their wine cellars, absolutely. Depends on the work too. Digging ditches? Pass. Working on a computer or teaching a class, perhaps.


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      Re: Should you ever work for free?

      Nah. There is a train of thought that you can 'use a sprat to catch a mackerel' but I think that usually gets you more sprats. If you're good enough you won't have to work for free.
      Charity work is the exception IMO but that is not entirely without reward if you consider the low profile PR.


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        Re: Should you ever work for free?

        Since the blog you mention is photo-centric, let me point out that photographers, models, stylists and other's have worked with each other for years and years for 'free' (trade) to produce book pieces. That was the corner stone used when I went to photo school and I doubt that's changed today. The school (Art Center College of Design) didn't encourage, they forced differing students in differing departments to work with each other on assignments. And I got paid work after graduating by working with art directors at the same school who were introduced to me while we were studying.
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          Re: Should you ever work for free?


          :done or given because you want to and not because you are forced to : done or given by choice


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            Re: Should you ever work for free?

            For portfolio material.


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              Re: Should you ever work for free?

              A pretty good followup post.
              Learn by teaching
              Take responsibility for learning


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                Re: Should you ever work for free?

                "Creativity matters, it underpins the intellectual richness of our lives. And proper payment for creative work generates revenue that filters right down through society, and benefits everyone."

                Pat Pope was right. That’s my stance. Pat is a photographer, and he was asked by the band Garbage to...


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                  Never work for free.
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