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  • Job for the summer

    My name is Nikko and I'm a retouching student for 2 years in Stockholm, Sweden. I will soon have done half of my eduction and now I'm looking for a job for the summer.
    I've been sending emails to studios in London and I will start looking in Berlin and Prague to. It's hard getting out there if you sit in a classroom in Sweden so I was just wondering if anyone have a suggestion or tip on where or who I should contact. Any help is appreciated.

    My portfolio:

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  • Bebiite
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    Hi searching for off site job. I have experience in stock photo retouch-beauty, fashion. Desirable salary no less then 10$/ img. Im open to do test retouching. For my retouch samples contact me [email protected]
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    Hi There,

    We're looking for a Freelance London Based retoucher with experience in beauty retouching, confident with Macs and Wacom essential.

    It's for frequent, but often last minute work.

    Pay based on experience - but no less than £8 per hour.
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