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How Photoshop savvy are your clients?

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  • How Photoshop savvy are your clients?

    On a scale from "execute my notes without variation" to "make girl pretty", how much do your clients know about what goes into retouching an image?

    Does this influence what you charge? Does a savvy client mean you can charge more because they appreciate the work involved, or must you charge less because they could do it themselves? Or conversely, can you charge more because they have no idea, or do you have to charge less because they can't appreciate the work involved?

    Obviously most will encounter a spectrum of clients, but does their seem to be a norm, or do you find you attract a certain level of client?

    Are knowledgeable clients more prone or less prone to outsource to the lowest bidder? I could see this going either way. Either they're ignorant and can't tell the difference, or they could be knowledgeable enough to remove variables and control the work.
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    Re: How Photoshop savvy are your clients?

    most have no clue as to what goes into editing a photo.


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      Re: How Photoshop savvy are your clients?

      Some clients know nothing. Good. Some know a lot. Good. Some have a little knowledge. Bad. All charged the same though - no favouritism!


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        Re: How Photoshop savvy are your clients?

        Noone ever knew anything about the process. They know a lot about the results, though.

        I can't stop smiling every time client asks "if this or that can be done". Everything can be done, it just depends on the time/budget.


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          Re: How Photoshop savvy are your clients?

          Some know nothing, some can do the work themselves, but don't want to take the time to do it. Price is the same, with a few freebees thrown in for persistent clients when it's a simple fix.


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