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  • Promoting your work

    Hi, does anyone know of any good sites to promote your work?
    Listings ect? I already know of production paradise.

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    Re: Promoting your work

    Again with the same questions. There is no magic site, you gain clients one at a time.


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      Re: Promoting your work

      Never asked for magic just if anyone knows any listing sites


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        Re: Promoting your work

        Skoobey gets a little irate when people don't take the time to read the 2GB of previous posts here. But he's not wrong about finding clients. I've run this site for 15 years and interviewed pro retouchers for 6 and I've yet to come across one instance of a retoucher being hired because they were discovered in a listing.

        There are two exceptions that I've come across, but I don't count them for obvious reasons:
        Photographers looking for cheap/free labor
        A particular image or style goes viral

        There have been instances of a photographer/retoucher matchup happening due to mutual involvement in a community (here, for example), but that's also not a "listing".

        As reiterated in just about every interview I've ever done, find a photographer whose work you admire. Contact them and tell them you admire their work and would like to work for them, providing a link to your own work, preferably in a similar genre. Repeat thousands of times. Eventually, if you do good work and work well with them, you'll get jobs and they'll start recommending you to others.

        Honestly, it helps if you're in the same city. Not a pleasant truth for everyone outside of NY, London, LA, etc., but a truth nontheless.
        Learn by teaching
        Take responsibility for learning


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          Re: Promoting your work

          Exactly, and if you are in demand you will move anyway. It's about celebrity, just like any other industry.

          Listings are ok if you are doing this so-so, or part time, but if you are serious you are pretty much hired wherever you go. Some offers are better, some not so good, but if you know what you're doing, you're in demand no matter how low the industry has sunk. Same goes for any field. Seamstresses earn pennies these days... well they do if they work on a machine in Shri lanka. Those who were actually willing to educate themselves are among the most affluent people around.


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            Re: Promoting your work

            Nice advice and philosophy. But its not really what I asked.


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              Re: Promoting your work

              You asked for good sites to promote your work. We answered that there are no good ones. As a bonus we explained why that is, and provided alternative methods.

              Pretty much the definition of a helpful reply.
              Learn by teaching
              Take responsibility for learning


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