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  • Quoting for bulk orders

    Wondered what other members here offer as a percentage discount on bulk jobs. I've just been asked to quote for a very large job (1500 images, 1-2 weeks work). This is larger than anything I've quoted for before and will make a huge difference to my end of year finances.

    They are a new client, although the contact at their company is someone I've worked with in the past. My pricing tends to be as a high end retoucher, but I wouldn't categorise this as a job needing high end retouching.

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    Re: Quoting for bulk orders

    Well I can certainly recommend a reasonable level of automation for that many photos including scripting ,actions, conditional actions that suit the job. You say one to two weeks but maybe it can be a couple of days I'm not sure but that would certainly affect finances.


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      Re: Quoting for bulk orders

      Thanks zeroLiver, yes definitely a need for actions. I haven't seen the images yet, but have been told I'll need to remove some blemishes, so also some manual tasks needed plus matching of pantone refs which will need a visual check.

      I've found actions very useful in the past, but not worked with conditional actions.


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        Re: Quoting for bulk orders

        Just an update on this. The job eventually came in. First quote was rejected, then I dropped the price a little, which seemed to work. It ended up being more images than anticipated, but that was fine as the quote was on a per image basis. Ended up being 220 hours work over 4 weeks plus regular break time to avoid RSI.

        I charged a fraction of what I would for a high end retouching job, but at the same time didn't try to compete with the bottom end of the market. Seems some people would rather send work to local companies and spend a bit more.

        Back breaking work, but I don't feel I have to pack it all in and start filling shelves at the local supermarket anymore.


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