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    I'm just starting out, I have my website up, Facebook account going and I'm working on personal projects and finding raw images online to edit and give my portfolio some depth.

    Now I'm trying to figure out how the best way retouchers reach first potential clients (besides websites like Freelancer, up work, etc.).

    Any advice from veteran freelancers, or retouchers?


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    Re: First Client

    This isn't the best site to ask that.

    You need a business plan. You need that long before portfolio material. If you don't know what you will do, that will be almost completely useless. I googled "Doeringretouch." I can tell you that those don't look like finished images, but more importantly they are unlikely to bring you work. I would probably suggest looking for a job in your market where you can gain real experience, and I would suggest picking 2-3 subject domains where you might actually be able to find work within an hour commute.

    There are a few photographer organizations. For example ASMP tends to be focused on commercial photography, rather conservative stuff. Try showing up to one of their meetings. I would also check sites like modelmayhem, even though I hate that place. The really photographer heavy ones like robgalbraith (later renamed to prophotoforums) went out of business long ago.

    I think you'll realize that retouching isn't that important. If you want to be a freelancer, you need a viable business model. If you can't form a viable one, find another satisfying career path.


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      Re: First Client

      Photographer Keith Cooper who specializes in architecture and landscape wrote an article about running his business here:


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