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I want to move to London, Seasoned Retoucher...

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  • I want to move to London, Seasoned Retoucher...

    Hi guys,

    I've been a lurker on these forums forever. I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm and content everyone posts. So I'd like to thank all of you for your work and information. So that being said I value your opinions and ideas, I want to know if anyone here has ideas of how I find work in London. As I'm a american passport holder and I would need a work visa. I have a bit of money saved up and as it stands I'm currently free and available for any work. One of my dreams is to live abroad so I can experience more of the world. I'm choosing london simply because that's the only other place in the world where I can manage to understand the language at a business level. I also speak cantonese and japanese but at Junior High and elementary level respectively.

    I am confident in my talents my only fear is how can I get the chance the show that overseas...


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    Re: I want to move to London, Seasoned Retoucher..

    Write to studios, agencies, photographers and businesses, no?


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      Re: I want to move to London, Seasoned Retoucher..

      Yup I have been... So far no luck. Just started though.


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        Re: I want to move to London, Seasoned Retoucher..

        I was hoping repairman would chime in, given that he works in the UK, specifically England. It's very tough to get hired internationally in general in something like this. Most of the time it's easier to stick to local candidates, and in general there aren't that many retouchers out there if you exclude those working in factory-like environments, producing images for retailers.


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          Re: I want to move to London, Seasoned Retoucher..

          I was trying to think of something positive to say Klev! Without actually going to London and making yourself known to a few retouch houses, agencies etc, your chances are similar to mine getting an acting job in LA by writing a few letters.
          There is loads of work in London and an even bigger talent pool so you have to be ready when the opportunity arises - not so easy from abroad. It would make a big difference if you had an exceptional 'portfolio' of work and a website to back it up. Find out who to contact at the bigger outfits (look on their websites and Facebook pages for names) and email them a link. Ad agencies often have retouchers in house so they are worth a pop. Try employment sites like Reed, Indeed and Adzuna for job ops. Search under 'photoshop' aswell as 'retoucher'.
          Expand your horizons also; Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE are places that have some requirement for retouchers and where you can get by in English. In fact even in mainland europe you can get by as long as you show willing to learn the lingo. Just think of it as getting a job in NY with the added hassle of visas. Good luck with it - perseverance always wins!


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            Re: I want to move to London, Seasoned Retoucher..

            2 points here..
            As I have worked in both countries.

            1. Talent in London is very high, you will be competing against some really talented retouchers. The quality of work in London, it top of the tree.

            2. Work Visa, will be very difficult for you as an American citizen. I know it sounds stupid, but it is the truth.


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