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  • Freelance rates.

    Hey Guys, not posted for ages now..

    Quick question, aimed at senior creative retouchers regarding freelance rates for "on site" clients.

    My work comes in from all over the world.. So much so, that I now have 3 retouchers working on my overflow. Thanks to Retouch Pro, I found these 3 guys.

    A while ago I was offered a contract at a large ad agency in Toronto... I took it on thinking they would need me 1 or 2 days a week. Huh!! They want me every day! That is fine, Been here for two years now. It has been tight time wise, what with all my other clients, but so far, so good.

    Problem is, I think I may be underselling myself at the agency. Third year contract will be offered to me next month, so have to review my rates. Anyone know what the going rate is at hi end agency for on site retouching? Thanks

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    Re: Freelance rates.

    that is a tough question to answer Jeff. They vary from place to place and I think it depends on if they "like" you. Let me ask around.


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      Re: Freelance rates.

      Maybe it's more about what kind of clients they're dealing with. Them being large, doesn't mean that pay per project is the best, as large means more people. For advertising work with 3D involved at a senior level at least 120 a year, but that can be much less for an employee.


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        Re: Freelance rates.

        When I said large, I meant one of the leading worldwide agencies. I knocked 3D on the head years ago....


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          Re: Freelance rates.

          for straight up Senior Retouching I know that some of the Big Agencies pay 80k and up a year for full time.


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            Re: Freelance rates.

            Thanks Greg,
            $80K a year is far too low for me.... They are giving me more than that at the moment, I need to push for more, if they want me here that much.


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              Re: Freelance rates.

              80 is good for senior fashion/portrait retoucher. Not so sure that is adequate in advertising world, as it involves much broader skill set.


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                Re: Freelance rates.

                Freelance rates for onsite within an ad agency, I'd say 800 euros a day, but don't know if you want to adjust that for dollars, so around 1000 US.

                If you want a yearly rate, you obivously go discounted. So Be nice and end up around 120.000.

                Also if you ever need some remote retouching, let me know



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                  Re: Freelance rates.

                  Are you with Grey or JWT in Toronto?


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                    Re: Freelance rates.

                    800 a day! Holly moly! I would be happy with 30k a year.


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