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Policies on working arriving late and rush fees

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  • Policies on working arriving late and rush fees

    Hey folks

    Two things if i may ask...

    I'm booked for two week commercial job at the moment which was meant to arrive last Monday, part of it only arrived on friday afternoon as they couldn't decide on the edit. In this case, as a sole freelancer is it acceptable to charge a fee for late delivery? It's frustrating that I had opportunities for some on-site work which I had to turn down.

    Also If the deadline cannot be pushed back, what are you policies for charging a rush fee? Percentage of job cost and timewise?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Policies on working arriving late and rush fee


    I never charged for late delivery, I would just extend the due date by the same number of days. If that was not acceptable, then the price increased by at least 30% for day one, then 60% for day two etc. if they still wanted the work by the original due date.

    Basically what you need to do is fire that customer who does not respect you or your work. When he leaves so does your headache and your ulcer feels better. Then you can use your time to take better care of those who respect your time, work and you personally.



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      Re: Policies on working arriving late and rush fee

      Ok thanks. I'll see how things pan out tomorrow. Extending the deadline will relieve some of the pressure but I have an on-site booking starting the following week for a couple of weeks so the two will be running alongside. It's my first time working with this production company, they're fine and understanding, its the client that seems to be holding things up. Seriously making me consider just sticking to on-site work!


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        Re: Policies on working arriving late and rush fee

        sometimes it just involves late nights an a lot of overtime pay. I also have a few friends I can call on in a jam whom I trust to do as equally good job as I would produce.
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          Re: Policies on working arriving late and rush fee

          Following on from this, the onsite job I mentioned I had booked for a few weeks has cancelled the first few days this week. The edit from the client hasn't turned up yet.

          Do any freelancers have a cancellation policy? Say 50% or something? The company would charge that this the client if the job got cancelled so is this applicable to freelancers aswell? Hopefully I'll be in there tomorrow but I'm still a few days out of pocket


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            Re: Policies on working arriving late and rush fee

            Yes... 50%!


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