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  • Anniversary....

    Well, this is my 45th year in retouching! In 5 years, I hit retirement age. So wondering what is next. I could carry on retouching, or I could do something different... So I am asking for any input from you guys.

    2 things spring to mind.

    Training / Coaching.

    I have trained many retouchers over the years, many have gone on to very big things, much to my delight. I have always felt, my degree in photography, my Airbrushing skills, and the ease I have always found finding clients a big asset. And have always passed those skill sets onto any student. I could carry on doing this, and would probably really enjoy it. I never teach photoshop, I teach people how to retouch creatively, and as close as possible to the old days when we done it all on film! In fact, I have just introduced an ex student of mine to a top agency, she is now on a start salary of $120K P.A. I am sure she will be earning more in a few months.

    Retouching Services.

    I could carry on taking on work, and in fact get even more work, and get a group of retouchers that I know well, or get to know well. I could take on work from the agencies, and pass on to the retouchers under my retouching umbrella.
    I would also let the agencies know what I am doing, and sell this service. This idea would entail a lot of work though, and would not be as relaxing!

    Any thoughts, advice or ideas from you guys?

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    Re: Anniversary....

    Looks like Training / Coaching is the way to go for me. Just finished a one on one last week.
    Mostly regarding self promotion, and how to get that elusive first job from an Ad agency.
    She done great, took all on board, and has got first job from agency. Looking forward to the next class Anne! Now we can get down to the nitty gritty of retouching! NOT how to use Photoshop. but how to retouch!!


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      Re: Anniversary....

      OK... This is going to happen I think. It will probably take a while to set up, But I think it will be a worthwhile venture for the future.
      So next thing I am going to do, is take someone that has no Photographic or retouching experience at all, Train them with my methods of finding work, workflow, self promotion and retouching.... My aim is to get them trained, so that they can find good work and earn a good living. I want to see then pull at least $50K - $70K a year, full time or freelance.
      I figure, if I can do that, I should be able to set something up full time in the future. Any TV companies out there wanna record it? LOL!


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        Re: Anniversary....

        Originally posted by ftp-Jeff View Post
        take someone that has no Photographic or retouching experience at all
        Now that's a challange.


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          Re: Anniversary....

          I found the student, and training has started! Ex school teacher, English/media dept.
          And know their way around a Mac. So that helps!


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            Re: Anniversary....

            Well, a week in, and all is going very well. In fact I passed on some live work, and it was all good. So within 2 weeks, she will have published work! Not bad, still a long road ahead. No creative retouching as yet!


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              Re: Anniversary....

              She should write a blog, would be a good way
              to promote your possible future training career.


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                Re: Anniversary....

                hey ftp-jeff -- can you post at least one link to any of your retouch work? you seem to be a lot of talk yet you've never once posted a link to any of your vast experience in retouching -- there must be something you can share with us. would love to see it


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                  Re: Anniversary....

         will show the usual stuff. Come to think about it, not seen your stuff either!
                  Last edited by ftp-Jeff; 05-04-2017, 11:50 AM.


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                    Re: Anniversary....

                    Nice stuff Jeff, but your site looks more like a photographer's site. I don't see any before and after examples, which is what I would expect to display your skill. Without seeing the original image it is hard to determine what you did.

                    This is the kind of image I would expect - see image below.
                    Attached Files


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                      Re: Anniversary....

                      Well, a long time ago, after talking with my clients. I decided never to show before and after shots. It is totally up to you what you do. But I have stuck by this rule, and will carry on.


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                        Re: Anniversary....

                        OMG, Shoku. Jeff is obviously very very good and the website, apart from the fact that it shows some strange URL is a typical retouching website and looks great. And that image you've attached is... well... filtered.


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                          Re: Anniversary....

                          Just changing host, so odd URL come up at the moment!


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                            Re: Anniversary....

                            Originally posted by skoobey View Post
                            OMG, Shoku. Jeff is obviously very very good .
                            Yes, but it is difficult to judge any retouching accurately when the observer cannot distinguish what the photographer did and what the retoucher did.

                            Many photographers take credit for awesome images and yet 20% or more of the final appearance can be due entirely to retouching, not the photographer, unless the retoucher is the photographer.

                            The requirements for any image will differ based on original appearance combined with client instructions for alterations. It would be nice to see the before and after to completely appreciate the retoucher's contribution to the final image.

                            The example I posted is the raw image (hard lighting. no makeup), with the final, client requested edit. Obviously the final would not exist without the original, but the final is not due to the photographer. You may not appreciate that if you did not see the original.


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                              Re: Anniversary....

                              That doesn't matter. I can tell right away he is great, but I'll explain to everyone that might do reading on why that is.

                              If all the images on the retouchers website are great, that is because he is either making crap files look great, or he has earned respect of clients that give him/her great images that don't need a lot of work. For any case or combination of the two the resulting portfolio is as presented because he is good, no matter what the source file is.

                              And he has said he offers lesions, although I have a sneak suspicion those are on the pricey side.


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