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    Hello everyone,

    I am new to this forum and forgive me I haven't checked all the threads so my question might be already posted here. I have a job offer for clothing catalogue retoching (models on scene) and it will be in print and online as well. I haven't done this kind of retouching, mostly real estate photos and online products and clothes for online selling, so they are asking me for a price quote. The company is a US based, so the market is pretty big. Could you please advise on a price range of about 50 photos for this kind of retouching? Thank you all!
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    Re: Help with pricing!

    Estimate how much time you need per photo(it's good to actually finish one), time that by your hourly rate and number of photos and there it is.

    So let's say you earn 10$ per hour(I'm trying to use round numbers here) and that you need an hour per photo x 50 files = 500$.
    But if you are just applying filters and erasing elbows and knees like many e-commerce retouchers do, then you can finish 5 images per hour, and that equates as followed 1/5x10x50= 100$ (again round numbers, not real math)


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