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Converting from designer to packshot retoucher

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  • Converting from designer to packshot retoucher

    Hello ,

    I am new in this forum and have a question to ask.
    I'm a fashion designer with 10 years experience in the luxury sector , having worked in London and now in Paris but this career has made its circle for me and now I'm ready to go on with something different.

    Through all these years I have spent long hours almost every working day working on Photoshop and the last years I have also gained some experience in retouching packshot photos for the fashion house I work for. I believe that the combination of skills on Photoshop with the experience and aesthetics of a fashion designer can be a very good advantage for someone who is interested in retouching packshots of garments.

    Therefore I'm really interested in getting myself into this business, working if possible from home as a freelancer and ideally getting to work for fashion companies, e-shops or photography agencies on the luxury sector which is the sector I know better from my experience. The problem is I don't exactly know how to get the right contacts in this field, how to meet the right photographers , agents etc. I am mostly looking for good agencies in Paris that would be able to get me to the right clients and projects, so that I keep a freelance status and independency.

    I would extremely appreciate your thoughts on my online portfolio and of course any thoughts in general about how to get into the business or how I could find the right agencies etc.
    Thank you for your time in any case!

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    Re: Converting from designer to packshot retoucher

    I would be a bit worried heading in this market, as it's the kind of work that gets easily outsourced to Thailand, India.
    As you're living in Paris, and serious about pursuing a career as a retoucher try to find an internship or junior level position at any of the high end post production houses that focus mainly on fashion (as that's your background). and after some experience you could reach out to photographers to do editorials, lookbooks, campaigns. as I won't expect your product shot retouch would convince them to had over editorials, lookbooks or campaigns.


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      Re: Converting from designer to packshot retoucher

      OP is A TAD better than what they have on offer. I don't think there are a lot of freelance retouchers doing this kind of work, but many online retailers have a need for in-house retouchers.


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        great and nice for me


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          Good to see that.


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