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  • Maximilianr
    Ecommerce retouching portfolio
    by Maximilianr
    a potential client requested a before and after retouching portfolio for a ecommerce retouching position, but I never retouched any ecommerce work before. Is there any way I can get some help finding some unedited images to work on?

    Also I shoot a lot of test with models in lingerie...
    08-19-2014, 08:03 AM
  • jon@pixelphix
    Crit on my portfolio
    by [email protected]
    HI there! If people would be so kind to have a look at website and comment on the content, structure ,quality of work etc i'd be really appreciative. Looking at it from a potential client point of view. Was going to do a big mail out but thought it wood be good to get some professional input first!...
    12-04-2008, 03:48 AM
  • bcnretouch
    celebrities in portfolio-
    by bcnretouch
    Hi everyone,

    I am in the process of setting up my portfolio and have a question. I have a number of celebrity images that I want to include. I have permission from the photographer but obviously I can't show before and afters on my site. Is there any way that I can provide interested...
    11-15-2011, 07:24 AM
  • madscientist
    some queastions on building a portfolio
    by madscientist
    Hey everyone,

    I'm planning on building an online portfolio of my retouch & design work.. and attach a blog and some other pages to that as well.. I definitely want to make it in wordpress.. still looking for a nice theme

    a few Q's

    1) What would be...
    02-24-2012, 05:24 AM
  • Retouch1234
    Putting together a Portfolio
    by Retouch1234
    Hey everyone.

    I hope this is the right area to post this so if it isn't apologies!

    I am a senior high end photographic retoucher who has predominately been full-time in my career.
    I am heading off into the world of freelance and have already asked to provide a portfolio...
    03-29-2015, 06:58 AM