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    Someone mentioned making 'baseball cards' for pets in another thread, I thought I'd share my 2nd-hand experience.

    My sister is raising her grandson. He's 5 or 6 now, and has been kicking butt (quite literally) in karate tournaments for a couple of years already. He competes nationally, and she saw that some of the other competitors actually had their own trading cards and collectors.

    Not wanting Bobbie to be left out, she took her mavica and her limited knowledge of MS Publisher and printed out some trading cards on her inkjet. The parents at the local dojo were fascinated, and started asking her how she got them, and now have started paying her to make them for their children.

    They're laid out exactly like baseball cards, with an action shot and stats. She doesn't make a lot of money doing this, but then again she has no interest in doing it as a business or even a sideline.

    I tried to get her interested in a website where anyone could upload a picture and get a stack of cards made from standard templates, but that's far more involved than she wants to get.

    It seems to me this combines several common aspects. Kids have some sort of need for trading cards, parents like anything that makes their child seem even more special than they already are, and coaches/sponsors like the team-building they foster.
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    Hi Doug,

    I think like you said, trading cards hold an interest for kids and parents alike. If you are a kid, having your own card can make you feel pretty cool, and if you are a parent, can do a lot for bragging rights. Someone interested in doing this could also make whole sets--like for the same baseball or soccer team, with a common theme for all players.

    My interest is in dogs. I don't know if anyone has heard of agility, but it's a sport in which dogs compete on all kinds of levels. They earn all sorts of titles. Then there's the people who "show" their dogs. These would be the people to target as they are always looking for ways to show off their dog's accomplishments (in addition to ribbons and trophies).



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      Just out of curiousity, do you know how your sister printed out the cards? Did she simply print out one side--then flip the paper over and print the other side in the same position as the first? Just curious cause isn't photo paper only glossy on one side? I would imagine that you would print the photo on the glossy side and then print the back of the card (the "stat" info) on the non-glossy side. Or is there a better way of doing this that I'm missing?




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        From my sister:

        "The cards are printed on bright white inkjet business card stock, each side printed separately. Then laminated using business card pouches.

        Don't give too many instructions, as if I do them ($15/10) the money goes towards Robert's competitions ;-)
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          Hi Doug

          Thanks for the info. Business card size sounds a bit small for what I pictured--unless they make them in bigger sizes.

          Whenever I figure something out for the dog card idea I had I'll share them. (although "whenever" seems to be a popular word for me at the moment ).



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            < Business card size sounds a bit small for what I pictured--unless they make them in bigger sizes. >

            I did a quick internet search and didn't find any new card stock product, but Avery offers post card size card stock (5-1/2 x 4-1/4 postcards. 4 Cards per Sheet, Ultra-fine perforations to separate cards easily and cleanly) which might work for you (and us). It is not glossy, but I've found that images look great on regular card stock. Another choice would be to use full size card stock and cut to size, but MY cuts never come out the same.

            C. J.
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              Is there a standard trading-card size?

              Cutting consistently is a recurring bugaboo. I used to run a photo lab, and I'd cut down 8x10 paper to 2 5x7s and 2 test strips. I got really good at it, then bought a new paper cutter and had to learn all over again.

              I guess it's basically just a case of learning an individual papercutter (I now use a Fiskars roller gizmo that performs pretty well, $30 at CostCo)
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                Most of the Wallet size "Senior" photos I have seen are in the 2.5 X 3.5 inch or so range. I think, but dont take this as definative, that trading cards are perhaps in the 3 X 4 inch or slightly smaller range. Tom


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                  Re: Trading card sizes

                  I was looking at some photo albums today at OfficeMax and saw one for trading cards. The pocket size was 2.5"x3.5". -Jeanie


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                    I've done a few (a very few) trading cards for friends at the size Jeanie mentioned.

                    I printed them on card stock but I printed it 2 sided using pagemaker and then laminated them. They come out so-so but since it's not photo paper I can't go above 720dpi on resolution.

                    I tried using two papers like photo paper for the front and card stock for the back but had trouble getting the two sheets to stay together in the laminating process.

                    Probably some simple trick to it but I don't really mess with it that much to worry about it.


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                      I think I remember seeing two-sided photo paper listed somewhere . . . maybe it was at the Atlex site that D.J. mentioned. Maybe that would be worth a try.



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                        I've also seen two-sided photo paper, though I've never tried it.

                        An update from my sister:

                        "I don't use photo cards. Laminating melts the coating. Injet business card stock of the nicest grade available works great. They work even better as new baby cards. The parents here who have gotten them are more than pleased."
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                          Hey Doug,
                          Thank your sister for all the helpful information she's supplying. The new baby thing is another good idea for retouchers. Not to mention the ideas on baseball type cards and what papers she uses. Too bad she doesn't come on this forum. I bet she would have alot to share.


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                            Two sided photo paper...

                            Hey everyone, just thought I'd put my 2 cents in. Redriver carries several papers that are double coated. You may want to check them out online at . I've been using them for about a year now. Quite pleased and happy with the quality of the products and the service. Hope someone finds this helpful.



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                              Hawkaye, Thanks for the link. The products look interesting, especially the 2 sided offerings and the Art papers. What printer do you use and how has the print life been in your experience? Have you tried any of the watercolor type papers? Tom


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