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  • Holiday Season Planning

    Just wondering if anyone out there is giving any thought to the coming Holiday season and ways in which you could both provide a unique offering/service to the public and perhaps make a few $$ in the process. I hate to sound money grubbing as I actually am not, but the reality is that folks tend to loosen the purse strings over the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years season and since this Is the business/work/job section, a discussion of Tasteful and appropriate ways to increase business sales might be in order. How to advertise, When to begin, how long to run the Ad(s), ideas for unique gifts to both show case your talents and provide heirloom quality products for folks to enjoy for years to come.. all are topics to explore. Getting an early start on any plans you might want to implement is always better than waiting until Dec. 27 to begin....So, what are your plans? Tom

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    Interesting you should bring this up today, as just an hour ago I was trying to figure out what to do for my business challenge and thought of the holiday season. I haven't thought any further than that however.

    Right off the top of my head, if you are conscious of when the big stores put up their holiday displays, I think it's in October now. (I am one who does not pay attention, but I'm pretty sure it was sometime in October last year.) If you have any friends in the retail business, I'm sure they can tell you. It might be even earlier this year given the economic slowdown, stores will be trying to get people's attention earlier to make it a longer shopping season. Ish.

    As far as advertising, I would think that brochures placed in locations that your prospective clients tend to frequent would be a good start. I imagine that I might market my services towards the "difficult to buy for" people. And I imagine that older relatives tend to be difficult to buy for. (I never did know what to buy for my grandparents - they had everything they needed.) What about restored photos? Helps to bring back vivid memories of loved ones, which I think is a priceless gift.

    Well, that's been my line of thinking for the afternoon anyway. It could change tomorrow. I'm anxious to hear what others think.



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      Good thoughts Jeanie. Another place that might benefit from a sample being displayed is the local drug store or other photo finishing place that the average Joe uses. The people who bring film in for processing must have "some" kind of interest in photos, so a suggestion for gift giving for the hard to buy for people would probably work pretty well. Just a thought.



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        That is a very good idea.

        One thing I might suggest you do is to go ahead and make some "theme" backgrounds and templates made so that you can merely do a simple cut/past, edit/mask in what you would like.

        Maybe make something like those champaigne glasses that people find so charming except us Holiday globes, or trees or such.

        the background can be a forest of snow covered pines, a Snowman, or whatever tickles your (or their) fancy.

        If you do it right, you should make a killing while keeping your overheard time to a minimum.


        <looks for two pennies>


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