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    Just to let everyone know, there are no closed threads in this forum. So if you see a topic which moves to to comment--fire away!! All of us are interested in what you have to say and by being silent you are depriving us of your expertise.Dont think that you dont have something to share which will benefit us all, because you do! So push a few buttons and let us hear from you. Your voice and opinions matter. And dont be afraid of "looking dumb". You wont. Thats My territory and I guard it with great vigilance, I have raised "dumb" to an art form and its all mine!! Tom

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    Good point Tom. I see alot of good threads ending to make way for new topics and never being brought back to the surface. There is so much info held in those threads and really worth checking out.

    As for that "raising dumb to an art form" well, there's a competition I think I could give you a run for your money in.


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