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    First of all, please forgive me for not posting this in the business/work topic but that topic doesnt get read alot and i need answers quickly. Thanks

    I'm starting to write a business plan for opening a photography studio/ photo restoration studio and i was wondering if anyone has already done this and could give me any tips. I've already been to the websites for writing business plans, i would like some tips from people specifically in the retouch/restoration business on what to say or what works and what doesnt. Thanks so much.

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    You are off to a great start when you even consider making up a business plan - most people don't and fail as a result!

    The best advice I can give you for your next step is to contact SCORE. This is a group of retired execs - and in your area there will be some great people that will help you - all at NO cost believe it or not!

    I did this when I first went into business many many years ago and can tell you the aid was more than I could have ever thought possible! You will need to fill out a short form (I think this can now be done online) to explain your needs and they will send you a list of retired people who can help you - one on one!.

    People who have set up and run multimillion dollar business are willing to devote their time to helping even the smallest startups! Seems unreal but it's a fact.

    Best of Luck in your new venture.

    Jim Conway


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      I can only second what Jim said. I too have used S.C.O.R.E., and can't say enough about them. Great rescource! They'll help you with your business plan right from the get-go, and it won't stop there.



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