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    Okay - here's my submission. My target audience is the general public in our town and surrounding towns. Unlike Tom's great submission, mine is not meant to invoke feelings. My intention is to get attention, and stay in front of the public eye. This will appear on both front doors of my vehicle. There are two images. The small one is simply an example of a before and after. The larger one is the one that is meant to catch the public's attention, and when seen on a larger scale, it should have no problem doing that. It is a manipulation of four photos. Each one has been dragged onto the new image. They were corrected with hue/sat adjustments, layer masks were used, different opacities were used, and blending modes were also used. It is easy to read, and the business name is one that is easily remembered. When my vehicle is driven around town, I expect people to be watching for it. I am not very good at Photoshop, but I think it will work. Now for all you people who were afraid to risk looking like an idiot, when you see this you will no longer be afraid.

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    What can I say Ed--that is too funny! It is definitely eye catching--to say the least. :p My only question is (OK, maybe it's not my only question, ) where does the "moustache" come in?



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      OK Ed,
      You did what you set out to do. I will never forget that ad as long as I live.
      That was cute as heck. Fess up Ed, is that you in the pot?

      I have been contemplating mine but as of yet nothing on screen to show for it. I was really going to try hard to think of something good but after seeing yours and Tom's, I have alot more thinking to do. It may take awhile but I'll be there.
      Good Job and very eye catching. I'd just enlarge the photos a bit more to see them better but on the side of a car you may not have to.


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        If you were my age, you'd probably know what it was. "Ah, your grandpa's moustache" was a saying many years ago, and was akin to "you're full of ----". The older generation would probably recognize that, and they are the ones who would really be the best target group.


        Yeah, that's yours truly. You don't think I would do that to someone else do you? My wife said that I have nothing to lose but my self respect. I quickly corrected her by saying that I had nothing to lose. .



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          ED, Wonderful,eye catching, attention grabbing and great! I tip my hat to you sir. Tom


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            you just gotta love this guy.

            i am chortling, guffawing, chuckling, cracking up, all manner of lol.

            thank you sir.

            but please, given the theme, another color than yellow for the smudges. (indelicate, i know, but felt that it must be said )


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              Ed, you crack me up! Not in a million years would I come up with something like that (I've been known to take life a bit too seriously sometimes.) BUT, there's no doubt in my mind that people will remember your ad!! Let us know how it goes when you put it on your car.

              Speaking of putting the ad on your car, I just had a great idea for myself. We recently purchased the Honda Insight (gas/electric hybrid) which catches people's attention wherever we go 1. because it looks like a car from the "future" and 2. because it's bright red. People literally stop to look closely at it whenever it's in a parking lot. So, perhaps if I put an ad in the windows, people will notice that too. Thanks for the idea!



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                Thanks for the comments folks. It was fun making it up.


                I *always* have my wife pick colors for decorating. If I picked them out, I would probably have to paint a room three or four times before it looked okay. I try to blame that one the difference between the sexes. I'm not color blind, so what other excuse could I possible have?


                You won't actually see that on my car because I don't have a business, but if I did, it would be on there. I'm just trying to add ideas to open other's minds as to what might be done. The sky's the limit!

                If you didn't want to have something permanent on you new car (I don't blame you), you might look into the magnetic signs made specifically to put on car doors. They are kind of on the order of the magnetic business cards, only larger and heavier. I think the type of car you have might just add to the visibility of your message.



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                  What can one say to an ad like that. I think you stole the show! If one of the main criteria of an ad is memorability, your ad definately has that!Can't wait to see what kind of logo you'll come up with. PC


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                    Thanks Paulette. Not trying to steal the show -- just trying to keep the proverbial doors open. It was fun making that one up. I sure would like to see some other submissions.



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                      You know Ed just reading your various posts to the different threads I can see you coming up with this...what a sense of humor you have. It's terrific!!!

                      By the way you need to contact your local plumbers and see about selling them on the plumbing picture and a catchy phrase for their ads....

                      You might just make some big bucks on that one!!!

                      Truly Ed it is very creative and looks great.


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                        Thanks for the comments Chris. If you can't laugh once in a while, life gets pretty boring.



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                          Bus card

                          I have not come up with a web site but I did attend a Genealogy Society seminar and vendor show last weekend. Had a chance to talk with many people and fortunatly made up some bussiness cards before I went. Nothing fancy but with the info people would need.

                          I did not see any vendors offering any restoration or related sevices. Think I will try a booth at one of these shows. Already have received 2 calls from my cards.

                          Anyone tried a booth at these kind of show's?
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                            Nice business card. No I haven't done a booth but I think I would love to hear more. Sounds like a great new thread to start. Give us the run down on your experience. How to go about it and how you plan to get your booth going and maybe some good hints to make it sucessful. Sounds like an excellent idea and evidently it paid off for you just showing up there. I haven't heard of anything like that around here but that doesn't mean they don't exist. So maybe you know how we might locate something like that in our areas. It's the perfect arena for our kind of work.


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